Monday, July 11, 2016

The Examiner Shuts Down

Updated 9/25/2016

The shut down on July 10, 2016

Dr. Lee Outlaw
As a follow up to questions many continue to ask as to why I am no longer posting articles from the and why links posted in social media to my five years worth of articles go to the AXS network, here is an update to my previously posted July 11, 2016 article.

After Five years and becoming one of the fastest growing on-line news papers in America, it appears  the Examiner's relationship with the AXS Network ultimately led to it's demise.

Towards the end the online media's life, there were several attempts by AXS to weed out many of the writers by way of forcing Political Correctness, restricted words and phrases and even inducing required use of new grammar and additional editorial processes so restrictive it was impossible for many of us to write. It even became impossible for us to communicate with our editors and editorial staff.

After months of frustration with the new format, many writers like my self just simply started refusing assignments and/or submitting stories for publication due to the new restrictions. Fortunately just months prior to the Examiner's shutdown,I was invited back without restriction but was only able to write five new articles before AXS forced the shut down. July 10th was a sad day those of us who wrote for the Examiner.

It should be noted that many of us as former Examiners were and are invited to write and submit stories for AXS (which is why our previous Examiner articles all link back to; any submissions however, are restricted to entertainment and sports and the thought by many is that the media in general is already overrun with sports and entertainment writers.

For most of us, the old Examiner was a pleasure to write for and an interesting media platform to display our craft. The will be sorely missed. Below is the official announcement we received:

As a result of the Examiner shutting down. The Outlaw Observer and Opinion renewed  a limited operation once again on August 15, 2016. We will continue forward in a monthly format with a full on-line issue and  subsequent update of news and articles as warranted.

As many of you know the Outlaw Observer and Opinion was put on "hiatus" following the AXS/Examiner decision to remove many of its' rigid political correct and editorial policies which saw many talented writers go by the wayside simply because they could not meet the new AXS/Examiner standards.

It is my hope and intent that the Outlaw Observer and Opinion might eventually fill the void left by the Examiner for both writers and readers.

I invite any former Examiner writers who desire a voice to join me in this renewed venture.

For further information, contact:
Dr. Lee Outlaw, Editor-in-chief

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