The Christian holocaust 2015

Dr. Lee Outlaw

The Christian holocaust which took place from just prior to World War I in 1915 which annihilated approximately 1.5 million Armenians has often been over looked by contemporary Christian historians; although like the Jewish holocaust of World War II it triggered the beginning of United States involvement  in the war.

Contemporary Christians sit back not realizing that Muslims were responsible for this genocide of the Armenian people just as Fundamental Islam is responsible for the murder and philosophical goal of the extinction of any and all Christians.

Make no mistake,   Fundamental Islamic groups like ISIS, Al Qaeda and Hamas definitely have in
their long term plan the complete destruction of America and the Christian churches within.
Christians are in danger because they don’t believe they’re fallible and that’s a real problem.
The many protective doctrines of the church are partly to blame.

Everything from the doctrine of angelologypneumatology to eschatology and certainly the doctrine of faith emphasizes the protective power of God over His people and God’s ultimate victory over evil and Satan.
But what about those 1.5 million Armenian Christians back in 1915, were they not as faithful as or even more so than even Christians of today and did God's angels and the protective power of the Holy Spirit not guide and protect them?
Why did God allow so many of His people to be brutally tortured, relocated and ultimately slaughtered?

The answer is simple; the Bible says “He (God) causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous”.

In other words, God’s people have never been exempt from the consequences of life.

In fact, many times, God allows the unjust to become an agent of His testing of His people.

A perfect example is Job. The entire book of the same name is filled with all the difficulties this loyal man of God endured; not because of anything that Job had or had not done but because God wanted to use Job as an illustration to Satan as to just how loyal and devoted a human being could be to God even under the most difficult of situations.

Another example is the Old Testament  prophet Daniel and his three friends, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego although initially tortured, these four men refused to compromise their faith and were ultimately rewarded even after haven been thrown into a fiery furnace alive; which many believe was a mass cremation oven designed for Nebuchadnezzar’s enemies.

In the New Testament Jesus specifically told His disciples that they would be tortured and killed for His sake.

Christians as well as Jews have always been tortured and many attempts made to extinguish these people of God but try as they might, no group or culture has yet to completely been able to exterminate Christians or Jews from planet earth.

Now, groups like ISIS are speaking boldly that they will not stop their progression of evil, torture and death across the planet until every believer of the cross is destroyed.

These misguided followers of the Holy Quran don’t even know their own sacred book which mentions Jesus in a positive light some 25 times and in his Islamic name of “Eesa” even more. The virgin birth of Jesus is also mentioned numerous times.

As a result this doctrine of hate, death and destruction by these extremist is totally unsupported by the very religion they follow.

None the less, they are planning a holocaust of Christians, Jews and anyone else who doesn’t comply with their view of the Quran.

So be assured, a Christian holocaust is coming which will be the beginning of World War III.
Like any holocaust, it will be ugly and senseless becoming more daring as it spreads across the planet with nation after nation eventually getting involved in an attempt to stop it.

Unfortunately, only one army will ultimately be successful in defeating those that would attempt the death and destruction of God’s people; the army of God led by the one who died on the cross for all, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Certainly many of those that read this will think this writer has become a second coming fanatic; I have not.

Prophecy however, has never been clearer and the signs are everywhere, Jesus is coming again.

Many Christians might have to die first but be assured, He is returning and probably sooner than later.

In the meantime, Christians should unite and don’t go down without a fight because we are the army of God.

© 2015 Dr. Lee W. Outlaw III

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