About the Editor

Dr. Lee Outlaw is an ordained, Southern Baptist Pastor and graduate of Palm Beach Atlantic College, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and Hamilton University. He has pastored churches in FL and TX for over 20 years. Dr. Outlaw currently resides in Harlingen, TX utilizing his experience as pastor, counselor/psychologist and insurance adjuster offering  services to pastors and churches.

Writing, Editing and Publishing Experience:
Dr. Outlaw is the former religious editor for the Davie, FL Times (a Miami Herald Newspaper) and the Christianity/religious & Political writer/reporter for the Brownsville,TX edition of The Examiner. He also writes a Church and Theological Blog at One Outlaws Opinion on Blogspot, a Counseling and Opinion blog for WordPress and he is the owner of Dr Lee Outlaw's Writer's Page on Facebook. He is the author of 5 previously published books published by his previous Ministry Publishing Group, Quest Christian Publishing and currently the owner publisher of The Outlaw Observer and Opinion.

More Writing by Dr Lee Outlaw:

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